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Hello! I'm Justyna, an artist behind rustycrochet.

Professionally I'm a 3D animator working on computer games. After years of working on digital art, I had to find something more handmade for balance.

I always loved crafting. I tried knitting back in the day, but it wasn't my thing. One day, encouraged by a friend, I bought a crochet hook and a ball of yarn. From this day, I'm completely in love with crocheting. ❤️ I have to crochet a little every day and carry my hooks with me around. I'm amazed by the possibilities that this simple tool can give you.

On this page, you can find my creations filled with love and patience. If you are a crocheter or want to start your journey now, I'm sharing my patterns with you. I'm excited to see your creations, so tag me @rusty.crochet on Instagram.

If some product of your interests is not available now leave me a message, so I will know about your need! Happy crocheting! 😊

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